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What is Powerfest

What is Powerfest

PowerFest is a free annual music festival that attracts thousands of families from South Los Angeles in a day of celebration, empowerment, and education. We have organizers touching the lives and homes of tens of thousands of South LA residents each week. This event brings all South LA communities together to reclaim space, celebrate our successes, and build momentum for upcoming campaigns.

PowerFest takes place in Martin Luther King Jr. Park in the historic King Estates neighborhood of South Los Angeles—a community that has bee transformed through community clean ups, partnerships with local businesses, and civic engagement. King Park was dramatically renovated due to the hard work of residents frequenting its recreation center, increased park programming, and a weekly produce stand that offers high quality, organic produce.

Events like PowerFest make our community a vibrant, thriving and safe space for families to bring their children and participate in community activities. 

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